Magnum Nutraceuticals Launches Most Anticipated Product Yet!

VANCOUVER, BC -  Magnum Nutraceuticals Inc. has been hyping the launch of their latest product for several weeks now and the culmination of that anticipation is now here as they introduce PRE4™; their exhilarating and powerful new concentrated pre-workout.

PRE4™ is a Pharmaceutical Grade concentrated pre-workout powder engineered with hot ingredients like citrulline malate, acetyl l-carnitine, bitter orange extract, l-theanine, bacopa monnieri and more! PRE4™ will be launching in at least two mouth-watering flavors: Cola Candy Bottles and Candy Keys. The name PRE4™ is a play on words as ‘PRE’ is because it's a PREworkout and PRE4™ sounds like before - as in, you take it before your workout. The name PRE4™ is also indicative of four powerful effects this product is designed to elicit:

• Maximizes the amount of crazy energy pre-training
• Creates insane intensity and razor sharp focus
• Places users in an alerted state of happiness and positivity
• Produces huge pumps and superhuman muscular endurance


Markus Kaulius, Magnum President, is hyped about the new product, "I have never been so excited for a product launch! PRE4™ is the strongest, cleanest, most energizing product ever created. The effects are unreal and I know the market is going to love what PRE4™ will do for energy, mood, focus, workouts, pumps, strength, endurance… PRE4™ will blow your mind!”

Bert, Magnum’s Vice President share his excitement as well, “PRE4™ is a clinically dosed, Pharmaceutical Grade, concentrated pre workout that is guaranteed to have you bouncing off the walls in anticipation of your next workout!  It also tastes so amazingly good that consumers are going to have to really resist the urge to have multiple PRE4™ drinks every day, it tastes that GOOD!”


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Magnum Nutraceuticals was established in 2005 when it began producing its 100% Pharmaceutical Grade supplements. It was recognized as Canada’s Supplement Brand of the Year in 2016 and continues to produce the industry’s highest quality products. To learn more about Magnum Nutraceuticals, the product line or the upcoming launches, contact head office at 1-888-662-4686 or email