Spring Cleaning: Mind, Body, Soul

Spring is here and you’ve probably started to “spring clean”. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you only have to clean out your house, you should also spring clean your mind and body.


Each season comes with different challenges and sometimes we get stuck in that winter rut, but with the warmer weather means brighter days and less layers. Be summer ready with these “spring cleaning” tips.


Not Namaste in bed, more like yoga! Yoga is so beneficial for your body and mind in so many ways. Depending on what type of yoga you are doing; they all do great things for your body. Whether it be the “Deep Stretch” class, where you’re freeing your mind of all the daily clutter called life. The “Hot” class where you are detoxifying your body of all that stress or the “boot camp” class where you are channeling your inner warrior; you are going to walk out of there feeling brand new every time.


This is the time to clean out your pantry, and kitchen of anything holding you back from making healthier choices that will feed your mind, and body with the nutritious food it needs. To feel good on the outside you need to start from the inside. This means getting rid of anything artificial, packed with sugar and anything with a shelf life that outlives your family pet. Spring into your summer body with fresh veggies, fruit and whole foods. If you need any ideas of healthy recipes check out: http://mrscannonskitchen.com/


No, this doesn’t mean plan your best friends wedding. This is your spring wake up call letting you know that your summer vacation is around the corner. Start by making small goals to complete everyday. These can be: small exercise goals, changing up one meal in your day for a healthier option, more water and less coffee. Set these and complete them everyday and this will help you reach your main goal come summer time.


This is where you remove the negativity anchor that might be holding you down. This may mean cleaning your Facebook page and surrounding yourself with more positive people who share the same lifestyle as you. You are in charge of your own happiness so keep this in mind “your vibe attracts your tribe.” Another thing you can do is pick up some personal development books or listen to podcasts if you are feeling low, stuck or unmotivated. If you aren’t where you want to be in your life, then change your outlook and direction. Avoid being stagnant.


Not on the other side, however just outside. You get stuck in your daily routine of life and breaking up the routine is key. Writers take breaks when experiencing writers block, and when they come back ideas start flowing. Giving yourself a different view to look at sometimes can help refresh your mind and body. Take a 5 min break outside at work, or change up your routine by going for a run, or hike instead of the gym. There are many full body workouts you can do outside. If you need any ideas check out: http://www.hardmagnum.com/article/magnums-outdoor-shredding-workout


These are your 5 spring cleaning tips you can do to help prepare you for Summer. Remember positive mind = healthy body. Start from the inside and it will portray on the outside.


Happy Spring Cleaning everyone.