Kyla Gagnon

  • I.S.S.A Certified Personal Trainer / Business Owner
  • Online Coach
  • Internationally published Fitness Model and contributor (NATURAL MUSCLE and TRAINING & FITNESS monthly writer NPAA Bikini Pro
  • Travel and Dog lover
  • Foodie & Holistic Nutrition enthusiast ( working on certification)

Fitness story

Growing up as a figure skater I always felt drawn to moving the act of moving the body. By the age of 17 I decided that SOMEHOW I would make fitness my career. By 18 I was teaching aerobics and finally by 21 I was working as a trainer in a local bog box gym. Over the years I have shifted around from the gym to a few smaller studios, but always “working” for someone else.
Finally in 2010 I took the leap and began actually running my own business and have never for a second looked back.

I have the pleasure of “working” as a full time personal trainer working with Men and Women both in person and online.

Competition summary

I first competed in 2005, placing 3rd in Figure with the WNSO FAME organization
Next placing 3rd with WNSO fitness model 2007
I took a few years off to “find myself” as a woman in the industry. I struggled mentally with the pressure of competition and the feeling of not being good enough post show. It took me years before I had a solid grasp of what healthy meant. Both mindset and physical body.
I took to the stage again in 2013, placing 1st with the NPAA and earning my Bikini Pro status with them to then compete as a pro in 2014 and earn 2nd.

Describe your competition experiences

My first 2 shows I really knew nothing about what I was doing or what the real meaning of BALANVE meant. I thought I could or should stay competition lean year round, and when I realized I couldn't, not in a healthy way that is.
I found myself really struggling with my mental state and decided it was best for me to take some time away from the stage and work on finding My balance and try coming at the competitio from a stronger smarter head space and a place where I actually loved my physical body regardless of where I was in “prep”. So at 30 I tried again and had a completely different experience and felt ALIVE again:)

Detailed nutritional philosophy

EAT WHOLE FOOD, nothing packaged nothing you cant pronounce 

Detailed nutritional plan

Meal 1: Protein Crepe (2 egg whites, ½ scoop plain Quattro, 1/8 C oats, baking powder, cinnamon stevia) topped with 1 Tbsp Nut Butter
Meal 2: ¼ Cup Oats, ¼ Cup Cashews, 1 Scoop Protein Powder
Meal 3: 4 Ounces Chicken, Turkey or Halibut, ¼ Cup Couscous and 2 Cups Kale or other green
Meal 4: 4 Ounces Protein, 1 Tablespoon Hemp Hearts and 2 Cups Vegetables
Meal 5: 4 Ounces Chicken or fish, Asparagus and Coconut Oil

Favorite supplements and why

Acid:  Acid is a CLA, which I use year round; it helps me stay lean in a super maintainable way.
Primer: This is hands down an obvious for me. Primer is my multi vitamin pack that covers everything I need.
Quattro:  This protein powder mixes so well; I use it every single day. I use it in pudding, shakes or as an after dinner treat. I love all of the flavors, but Peanut Butter Chocolate Addiction is my favorite.
Performance Greens: With over 75 organic greens and phyto berry ingredients our Greens ensure you are hitting your nutritional requirements that we need from our fruits and veg!!!
Heat Accelerated:  When I need to get really lean for a photo shoot or a competition, I use Heat. Within 3­5 days of using Heat, I feel lighter and tighter! In the past, I have experienced awful jitters from other fat burners, but Heat gives me none of those side effects, which makes me a very happy girl.

What do you like most about being on the magnum team

Magnum is a brand you KNOW you can stand 10000% behind and likewise they will stand 1000% behind you.
INTEGRITY is what the brand has been developed on. Both in the quality or ingredients and the people they chose to be a part of the company.
FUN ...Oh man do we have fun. Markus, President of Magnum and Bert, VP have live very much on WORK HARD PLAY HARD and these guys bring fun and laughs everywhere they go. I have sat in important business meetings with these two and they have the whole room laughing.
SUPPORT, as a business owner and someone trying to build a brand on themselvf, I have had so much support from my Magnum family. The connections I have made through the company have allowed me to find a space for my writing in 2 magazines on a regular basis, has allowed me to connect with magazine editors resulting in 2 covers to date ( working on more always:) Markus and Bert will always bend over backwards to help in any way they can, and I KNOW this  isn't common in this industry.

Future fitness plans

I will continue to grow my online training business, continue to write for as many magazines as will have me, I want to share my love for wellness with a million people, REAL people. I may or may not compete, the future will tell, but I will continue to better myself mentally and physically each day, and hope to inspire others to joing in with me


Training philosophy

I believe in the importnace of training yoru body in as many functional ways as possible. I think the more ways you can challenge your body, the more muscle recruitment, the more mobility, the more metabolic demand the better. I love lifting heavy (5-8 rep max) I love high rep (20+) I love HIIT bodyweight days, Plyo, Stair Sprints, rowing, Olympic lifts ( although I am not great at them they intrique me)

Training plan

Current Routine:
Monday: Hamstrings/ Glutes
Smith Machine Wide Stance Squat 6x10 (Super Low)
Single Leg Cable Kickbacks 4­5x10
Sumo Deadlifts 6x10
Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift 5x15
Lying Leg Curl 5x20
Weighted Hip Bridge 1x100
Tuesday: Shoulders
Lateral Raise 4­5x12
Seated Machine Press 5x10
Lateral Cable Raise 4x10
Arnold Press 4x10
Upright Cable Row 3x10
Reverse Grip Barbell Military Press 3xFailure
Wednesday: Back
Wide Lat Pulldowns 5x10
Wide Seated Cable Row 4x10
Straight Bar Pulldowns 3x10
Dumbbell Rows 4x8
Close Grip T- Bar Row 4x10
Inverted Row 3xFailure
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Quads/Glutes
Narrow Stance Smith Machine Squats 4x20
Narrow Stance Leg Press 4x20
Leg Extension 8­ 10x10
Plyo Pop Squats 4x20
Walking Lunges 4x30
Saturday: Plyo/Athletic Training
This varies week to week.
Snatch and Box Jumps 6/12 x5 Rounds
Pull Ups and Burpees 3/6 x5 Rounds
Sprint Intervals 30 Seconds on 30 Seconds off x8
Bench Press and Barbell Row 10/10x5 Rounds
Row 500 Machine 4x
Sunday: Rest or Hike